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my mum told me to take photos in front of the christmas tree with my little brother

merry fuckin’ christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!

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when you really love a character but you can’t draw them to save your life

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Tags: gpoy.
Listening to a love song
Normal girls : omfg it's like me and my boyfriend
me: omfg it's like my otp


i may be ugly and annoying but at least i tag my posts properly

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“Digital art isn’t real art. You have no real talent and you’re lazy. It’s not like painting or using traditional media. You didn’t work a sweat. The program makes it for you!”

Hahaha….haha. *Although, I’m sure some people don’t actually reach 150 layers. That’s just me aahaha. /insecure /back ups of back ups of back ups

I saw this comic going around and thought that there should be an art version of it.

And in regards to that ^ other comic? I do both.

Dude, if that button exists, I wouldn’t have to plonk in hours upon hours of life on top of a deteriorating eyesight making ‘unreal art’.

I’ve never used over 5 layers I missed a memo and my button is broken uhuu


my art always had 100+ layers huhu;;

i stopped doing that many layers nows its just like do the lineart in one folder then finish it and mash then together and then do the same for coloring process

Current writing problems:
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Me: ya know, I think he's gonna be my new favorite charact---
character: *dies*