Great Moments from “The Game is On”


  • Rupert Graves ships Mystrade
  • Martin Freeman knows and understands what “Red Pants Monday” is, and it slightly disturbs him.
  • Mark Gatiss’ theory on how Sherlock survived: he drank a Red Bull.
  • Steven Moffat wrote the infamous “date” scene in Angelo’s. Gatiss took one look at it, and said “people are going to never stop talking about this”
  • For Richard Brook, Andrew Scott channeled a giraffe.
  • They’re considering doing a panel for SDCC

I could go into so much more detail, but I just wanted highlight some of my favorite laugh-out-loud or squeal moments

It was a really great night


Matt and Steven discuss “A Town Called Mercy” in the Doctor Who in the U.S. special.

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Or, you might just want to avoid the Internet for the next five weeks. Make that three months. We need recovery time.


Steven Moffat discusses Daleks past and present.

In this new video, Doctor Who’s head writer and Executive Producer, Steven Moffat, discusses the Daleks, talking about their weaknesses and how he wanted to make them scarier than ever in their new adventure.


Here is the Poster Art for Doctor Who Series 7, Episode 1: Asylum of the Daleks.

When Steven said that each episode would feel like a mini movie, he wasn’t kidding.

Download a desktop image-worthy shot of it here.

For a small child, getting through an entire episode of Doctor Who was a badge of honor. It was notoriously frightening, it was terrifying, and to able to say “I watched the whole thing, I didn’t go behind the sofa once” was a thing you boasted of in school.
—Steven Moffat from the video of his #newtoWHO story. (via doctorwho)


Arthur: We do spend all of our time together. We've got to the point where we can't really have conversations with the three of us...
Matt: It's just noises.
Arthur: Just noises.
Karen: Yeah!
Matt: Just noises and silly phrases.
Moffat: We like to call them episodes.


I assume this is an accurate description of Steven Moffat at Comic-Con.

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