Robot Rock

I went to church on Friday because I was dragged to it by my mom and I forgot to mention this but this song called Via Dolorosa literally means The Way of the Suffering

So Homestuck wise Dolorosa means To Suffer


anyone who says homestuck is just a stupid web comic with no meaning is a goddamn liar.


like some kinda shitty humanstuck yearbook

in case anyone wanted the full set


A doodle from yesterday i think for vriska day 💕💕


come to bed

spades slick saying something really stupid and regretable while incredibly drunk




AU where kids grew up to develop their FORGOTTEN INTERESTS as seen in the CAPTIONS below.

i’m really emotional about this

why does this hurt me so




Class Key Phrases

Maid - I Fix
Page - I Bring
Mage - I Create
Knight - I Fight
Rogue - I Divide
Sylph - I Know
Seer - I See
Thief - I Take
Heir - I Become
Bard - I Initiate
Prince - I Destroy
Witch - I Manipulate

this is really useful, especially if you’re as forgetful as I am


I’m pretty sure Knight is to protect….




Condesce coffee #homestuck #hipster #toracon

What does the alternian say

Trollbucks Coffee



someone who’s never read homestuck, describe what’s happening

Nuclear war has broken out among the humans and robots due to global warming and the robots seem to be the only ones that want to save the planet, which is why they are fighting on the ice. The robots have chosen the puppet from Saw’s retarded baby to lead them, which is why he is in the front of the pack. Volcanoes have started to erupt due to the fact that robots have brought them back from the past from Pompeii, because they know that volcanoes have defeated much organic life before and since they are metal, will not be as annoyed with sweating as the humans will. It seems the robots will win this one.