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Shower Time Heroes.


dad jokes with kotetsu






fuck, clothing swaps are so important to me

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And now for the moment I’m sure you’ve all been waiting for, Barnaby’s translated King of Works profile! (scans by anon)


Name: Barnaby Brooks Jr.
Company: Apollon Media (Media Industry)
Height: 185cm (6’)
Living location: Gold Stage
Strong point: Strong sense of self-discipline, flawless social skills
Weak point: Inflicts his own self-discipline and strictness onto others, doesn’t look to others for help
Favorite food: Stuffed cabbage, beef stroganoff
Least favorite food: He doesn’t hate any foods but he’s not particularly fond of pickles or natto
Good at: Sports in general, figuring out culprits in mystery novels, seasoning in cooking
Dislikes (weaknesses): He’s unexpectedly sensitive and it shows in facial expressions
Hobbies (how they spend holidays): Cooking new foods, carefully polishing his glasses, miming conducting classical music (at loud volumes), cleaning*, reading fanmail
Motto: No pain, no gain
Future goals: Currently exploring, his goal this year is to drop 1% of his body fat

*it specifies areas where water circulates, so like kitchens and bathrooms.


Kotetsu’s profile from King of Works! (scans by anon)


Name: Kotetsu T. Kaburagi
Company: Top Mag (Publishing) -> Apollon Media (Media Industry)
Height: 180cm (5’10)
Living location: Bronze Stage
Strong point: Never leaves any leftovers, good at taking care of things
Weak point: His actions do not always follow his words
Favorite food: Fried rice, hot dogs, Legend’s Cola, pizza
Least favorite food: nothing
Good at: Making fried rice
Dislikes (weaknesses): Operating more recent electrical appliances (doesn’t always read the instruction manuals)
Hobbies (how they spend holidays): General housework such as ironing, getting in contact with his daughter (via phone but prefers to directly go see her), DIY jobs (recently on Sundays he goes to his parents house where he’s building a small shelf)
Motto: Never give up! Even if you unplug the power, you still have your hands to do things manually!
Future goals: World peace, a happy and healthy family, to be an active hero for life, his goal this year is to get a six pack and to get his brother a second marriage

did we know Muramasa was married once already? i didnt. I hope he and John have a double wedding.

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